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Spin & Write Pyramid™ Rotating 4-Sided Dry-Erase Board

Product Number: PC-626691
Inspired by the ancient Egyptians…Designed for today’s collaborative learning environments!Collaborative learning comes to li...



Inspired by the ancient Egyptians…

Designed for today’s collaborative learning environments!

Collaborative learning comes to life with the Spin & Write Pyramid! This rotating, four-sided, dry-erase board lets students of all ages collaborate, game, share ideas, sequence, and so much more.

Each dry-erase side is 10.875” high and 8.5” wide at the base. Made of injection molded plastic with an easy-to-clean, no ghosting, wipe-off surface. Each dry-erase triangle has a color-coded frame in case you want to keep track of the action, assign a color to a student or categorize. The four-sided board smoothly rotates and has a braking mechanism for those times when you want it to be stationary.

The Spin & Write Pyramid ships unassembled and the components snap together in seconds. Includes simple, no-tools-required assembly sheet and an idea guide that includes some of endless math and language arts teaching possibilities.