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Guided Reading: Question, Grades 1-2

Product Number: CD-104929
Help students improve foundational reading skills at every level with Guided Reading for first and second grades.Strengthen c...

Help students improve foundational reading skills at every level with Guided Reading for first and second grades.

Strengthen comprehension skills with Guided Reading: Question for first and second grades. A simple way to enhance guided reading lesson plans, this resource book contains six sets of informational readers for students at different skill levels. It covers topics such as cultures, stars, and more.

Ready to Go Guided Reading: Question is an effective reading program for first and second grades. This reading comprehension book includes:

  • discussion guides
  • prompts to encourage students to work with the text and text features
  • graphic organizers
  • leveled readers that cover high-interest topics

The readers are separated into below-level, on-level, and above-level reading skills. The resource book features call-out boxes to direct students to apply guided reading strategies to the texts, such as scanning for meaning or word work. Each reader concludes with a writing prompt so students can show what they learned.

The Ready to Go: Guided Reading series for first to sixth grades includes everything you need for guided reading organization. Each 80-page book is essentially a guided reading set, containing 36 total readers, six discussion guides, and three reproducible pages. Each grade span includes 8 books, focusing on the following reading comprehension strategies:

  • Connect
  • Infer
  • Question
  • Summarize
  • Analyze
  • Determine Importance
  • Synthesize
  • Visualize

Each nonfiction reader contains short nonfiction texts, vocabulary banks, photographs, charts, and maps.


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